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Here you find all concepts, operations, icons and pilot application in detail - soldier.

Operation Drill - 6 Missions - to simply fly.
Operation Hungertot - 6 Missions - hard with a lot of naval action.
Operation Feuerwerk - 6 Missions - very hard - Sea, air and ground combat.



Operation Drill » Command: tracking down and land - fly and find the lighthouse Roter Sand - fly back - landing back on the aircraft carrier. YouTube Mission 1


Operation Drill » Command: sink and shooting - places a freighter - Shoot him until he falls. YouTube Mission 2


Operation Drill » Command: destroy and shoot - places an airplane - shooting and destroy. YouTube Mission 3


Operation Drill » Command: Shoot and destroy - Find mines in the water - Shoot and destroy it. YouTube Mission 4


Operation Drill » Command: sink and shooting - places a destroyer - Watch out for its fire - trying to sink him. YouTube Mission 5


Operation Drill » Command: shooting and meetings - places a battleship - Watch out for his attack - trying min. To land 100 hits. YouTube Mission 6


Operation Hungertot » Command: Tracking - Find enemy convoy - Attention! will be accompanied by heavy - probably a destroyer.


Operation Hungertot » Command: Shootout and sink - A cargo ship can not hold in the convoy - Find and sink. YouTube Mission 8


Operation Hungertot » Command: Shootout and sink - Convoy muster - Sink a provider in the convoy - Watch for destroyers.


Operation Hungertot » Command: Shootout and sink - gain through U-21 - U-21 has weakened the convoy - teaching the fear of the enemy. YouTube Mission 10


Operation Hungertot » Command: distract and shoot - U-21 was Incensed - immerse the Destroyer - U-21 must return freely.


Operation Hungertot » Command: Shoot and destroy - The battleship continues to pursue U-21 - The battleship has to be sunk, give it your all. YouTube Mission 12


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: tracking down and sink - Find a sea port - Track freighter and prevent his run into this port.


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: destroy and shoot - catch the enemy aircraft loaded with cargo SECRET, from sea port, from. YouTube Mission 14


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: Shoot and destroy - Find and Destroy the oil silos in the sea port - The replenishment of the enemy must be destroyed. YouTube Mission 15


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: Shoot and destroy - Destroy the dock systems - Warning! they are protected by heavy naval units.


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: Shoot and destroy - Destroy the minefield in front of the sea port - Make the way for our troops as support.


Operation Feuerwerk » Command: Total Destruction - Destroy all the flying units to the ground and in the air - the sea port Mach equal to earth.

Enemy Aircraft

Enemy Position

Enemy Kanone oder Flak

Enemy Mine

Feinder supply or supply

Enemy Ship

Ship our units

Our units

Your Position

Squadron of Geschwader Berlichingen

Squadron of Geschwader Greif

Squadron of Geschwader Hintenburg

Squadron of Geschwader Legion Condor

Squadron of Geschwader Legion Küste

Squadron of Geschwader Richthofen


The bronze medal for poor flight performance


The silver medal for good flight performance


The gold medal for the best flight performance

Compass (Screen ober links)

Warning - to tiel, too high or outside the touch line

CONTROL, when landed on the carrier - Graf Zeppelin

Spent ammunition (Score hood!)

Your height (min 0 & Max 300 meters)

Radar (Screen ober rechts)

Thrust MAX - Propeller / MIN propeller - engine start and without shear

Thrust MAX

Thrust MIN

Steering wheel (can be inverted with UP and ENTERP)

Fire button MG 81 - shoots with 2 shot per click


Level Selection 1 - 18 (easy - medium - hard)



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We remember the victims and their families through these killer machines, the second of Produced World War, has been killed or seriously wounded. It may never again be a war, not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow. There is never, ever a reason for a war or armed force!