battle killer tiger


This game has 12 operations, arbitrary and selection according to difficulty. The problem is always how similar to get into a 'Deathmatch' or 'Capture the flag' to the enemy camp, the position of the flag hold until you are changed - a territory conquest. Here of Russian or American into German. This conquest is 2-4 times in the game and instead is only won when all areas are conquered. Basically, it is not too hard to master the operations and to get into your opponent's position.
Only those who want to achieve a high score, needs to do more - which makes the operations fun and interesting.
The operations are EASY, MEDIUM to HEAVY.



The enemy has received new supplies. Find the docks and destroy the freighters and destroyers, try your utmost and take a the regions.


The enemy has difficulties with the supply. A convoy is stuck geblieb and only slightly protected. Find and Destroy the convoy and take one the areas.


The enemy has built in a remote area, a kind of fortress, an ammunition depot. Finding the camp and destroy what you can! Take a the regions.


In a city on the hill, the enemy is hiding and has consolidated its position. Take the territories a chase the enemy out of the city.


The enemy is everywhere, spread weakly in the Stäre. Find all Islands off and destroy what strikes me the pipe and take a the regions.


Exercise: Explore the area. The aim is to take areas with red and white circle on the map, or the flags in the field of the opponent - 3 here.


The enemy receives reinforcements in the harbor at the end of the city. Destroy anything that can carry supplies. The areas engaging, not destroy civilians and houses.


It was discovered a large camp of the enemy. Attempts to inflict as much damage as you can. Warning, it's a long way to take all areas.


Exercise: Try out your Tiger and cannon. The aim is to take areas with red and white circle on the map, or the flags in the field of opponents - here 4.


It was discovered a large oil - bearing of the foes. Your task: find and destroy all oil silo. Attention Oil noise! Do not forget to take the territories!.


Today a small application. A small camp invaded and occupy a palm forest. Respect for insolence, the enemy is everywhere!.


The enemies are mutually enemies. You are caught between two fronts. Try to take the bearings and territories unnoticed from behind. Good luck!

Light missions

Moderate missions

Hard missions

Easy game. The enemy shoots often wrong.

Tough game. The enemy is aggressive and Meets detail.

Position of Tiger (you)

Enemy position. Tanks, bunkers ... RUS

Enemy position. Tanks, bunkers ... USA

Goal, Deathmatch or Capture the flag

Camouflage and Paint 1

Camouflage and Paint 2

Camouflage and Paint 3

Camouflage and Paint 4

Turret visor from Battle Killer

Turret visor from Tiger 1+2

Turret visor from T34


The bronze medal for poor performance


The silver medal for good performance


The gold medal for the best performance



battle killer tiger

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We remember the victims and their families through these killer machines, the second of Produced World War, has been killed or seriously wounded. It may never again be a war, not yesterday, not today and certainly not tomorrow. There is never, ever a reason for a war or armed force!